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MIPC Halftime Show Services

  MIPC specializes in providing quality halftime shows for every style of marching band, and the size of your marching band will not stop our writers from customizing a high-quality performance/production.  We know what it takes to set your group up for success for the entire marching season. From young marching bands to championship-winning groups, we can create the best visual and musical experience for your group.  Musicianship and sound are the main focus in writing productions. Sound is the main focus and the visual element of your colorguard team. Customized marching drills are ideal and very affordable. 

MIPC presents halftime and competition shows regardless of the band program's desired marching style band. Our shows include the following;

  • Designed with the latest Pyware 3D Design Software 

  • Customized show music is available

  • Affordable pricing fitting every program's budget 

  • On-time delivery and quick turn-around 

  • Resize service if drill numbers change 

  • Integrated Guard and Percussion 

Drill Sample.png
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