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General admission tickets will be available at the stadium on the day of the competition. There will be one (1) ticket gate for general admission operating a minimum of 1 hour before the first band performs. The ticket gate is located on the south end of the stadium.


Passes for competing unit personnel will be available for pickup on the day of the performance at the Director check-in station.

  Admission Ticket Prices


Prelims only $10

Finals only $10

All day $15


Senior (65+)

Prelims only $6

Finals only $6

All day $10



Prelims only $6

Finals only $6

All day $10


More information will be included in the Directors Packet which will be distributed in early October so check with your band director if you have additional questions. Additional ticket information may also be available on our website.


*Note:  Student tickets are for kindergarten through 12th grade. Children under 5 yrs of age are admitted free of charge with a Adult/Senior/Student General Admission ticket holder.


The ticket booth accepts cash or major credit cards only - no checks, exact change is greatly appreciated.



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